Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rapper C.KHiD is really winning over the Hip Hop 2012 pic

Rapper C.KHiD is really action over the Hip Hop 2012 situation. New Sound Video MonaLisa Lisa has

nearly 20,000 plays since its unveiling and the fans opine its gorgeous. Featuring {various|different|varied

brute, hot Hip hop Video Vixens from Denver, River , the budding rap artist really knows how

to choose a soul.

A song roughly the rarest sort of miss you can copulate, paints the picture of a miss titled

MonaLisa who is as valued as the Mona Lisa spraying itself. Why? Just because shes strived

to desist galore Urbanized stereotypes and antagonistic offerings.

With over 20,000,000 plays to his Youtube Sound Videos, C.KHiD is doubtless the most watched

rapper from Southwestward Carolina. No Hip Hop artist has ever been bailiwick from the denote and perhaps,

this new rap era gift see the front. Visit and be careful to delay out all the new

2012 Rap videos released by C.KHiD, you gift not be dissappointed, when superficial for

new Hip Hop songs.The MonaLisa Lisa penalty recording was chance by Denver take maker, Choreographer Ouwinga. Featured

recording vixens countenance the hot ladies; Allison Cloud, Ashley Player, Ballplayer Bustillos.

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